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Testimonials from Authors

"Thank you to Patricia Shade for a wonderful job in narrating female and male voices, children's voices, Indian, Italian, Russian, and Irish accents and a maturation in Eliza's voice from an 18-year-old almost debutante to a confident woman doctor."

Janis Robinson Daly - author, The Unlocked Path

"Patricia Shade brought my stories and my characters to life with skill and compassion.  She is professional, a clear communicator, and a wonderful addition to any author's team."

Beth Dolgner - author - Eternal Rest Bed and Breakfast Series

"Your voice is beautiful and your intonation so well modulated that even in the most mundane and dry parts of my book, you added energy and interest.  It is interesting that having you narrate my book gave me an even greater appreciation of it, for which I am immensely grateful.

Nan Simonsen - author Aging Powerfully

Patricia was an absolute joy to work with! She was so prompt, professional, and knowledgeable, and as someone totally new to the world of audiobooks, that was so reassuring. She guided me through the process and made me feel comfortable and confident the whole way through. Not to mention, she’s just amazing at what she does! I knew I wanted to hire her for my book the second I heard her audition. Her ability to shift her voice for each character was so impressive, and she was able to capture the full emotions of each scene just how I imagined them to be read. Plus, I found her voice very pleasant to listen to—an important factor in listening to an audiobook! I would HIGHLY recommend Patricia

Colleen Shannon - Author Summer Breakdown

It was a joy working with you, Patricia, and immensely helpful for me to work with such a veteran of this process. And your professionalism is unparalleled!

Lonnie Busch - Author All Hope of Becoming Human

"Patricia Shade gives an engaging performance of this debut novel set in a small town in norther Maine....

Audiofile Magazine

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